Monday, 1 February 2010

Another beautiful day!

It snowed lightly overnight and the street looks like it has had a light dusting with icing sugar. The weather has been fabulous, a few days ago it was once again 9 degrees and there has been very little wind and rain, it is pretty much perfect.

I have been here now for 6 weeks and that equates to approximately 42 evening meals. Sigga has cooked for us nearly every night and I have rarely eaten the same thing twice.  She loves cooking, experimenting and sharing her food with company, besides feeding myself, Kristin (her mum) Olga and Ross, Sigga always invites one or two friends each night. Plus if relatives are visiting from the south as happened this weekend putting on a meal for 12 is an opportunity not to be missed.  The preparation always is relaxed and laid back but results are superb. However on the down side of this, even though I have walked everyday since being here I have not lost any weight.

For those of you interested in ancestory research, in Iceland it is not really necessary, as the government have a geneaology website which has records dating back to the ninth century, every Icelandic person is listed and you can trace how you are related to everyone else in this country.  If you are marrying you can check to see how many generations you are separated by as everyone is related somehow.
Also if you become an Icelandic Citizen you are required to take on an Icelandic version of your name the same applies to the naming of children.  Names must be approved by the Naming Committee  and can be rejected if they are not bendable to the Icelandic language. There are no real surnames here and you are known by your first name plus the first name of your father and sometimes mother, which is son of or daughter of, there is a good explanation here 

On my walk today with Freyja along the top of a hill I could see school children swimming in the town's outdoor heated pool, (today it is around -3) they also saw us and started yelling out and waving. 

I am not sure if I have posted a picture of Freyja before as she is my constant companion at the moment, this girl is not quite sure if she is dog or human, however I think the confusion comes from Sigga and Kristin who treat her as human.
Once Olga and Ross returned to London and there was a spare chair, Frejya reclaimed her rightful place at the table. 

 The houses here fascinate me and are very cute and colourful.
Sigga's little cutie 

Some are very tiny, most older homes have attics and basements.

The majority of houses are labeled with the original owners name and date built.

I am still convinced that this is the place I am meant to be.  Each time I walk outside I am touched to the core of my being by the landscape.
Hopefully your not sick of yet another photo of these glorious hills that surround the town 

Things are being set in motion and hopefully I will be able to return.  I think I have found the property and will probably place an offer this week...if it is meant to be it will all work out. You will just have to wait a little longer before I tell you more.


  1. Yay! Exciting times and beautiful pictures! I love that one of all the kids waving. And so many cute houses...

    I am taking a leaf out of your book: Everything will happen as it's supposed to happen, so there's no point in worrying, just enjoy the ride!
    Give my love to everyone!

  2. Love it - great blog again Vicki...

  3. Very exciting Vicki, wish you all the best and hope everything goes the way you want it to. Looking forward to an email...lots of love from us XX

  4. Good luck with the house. Yep, I'm sure it's meant to be. Your photos are amazing, I'll miss them when you come back. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Love Unnur

  5. Love the pics and stories too Mummy dearest! Looking forward to seeing you soon, very happy to see that your enjoying the icelandic culture!
    Lots of love XX

  6. Have just seen your site and I think I have never seen a more beautiful place - the blue shadows have me blown away! You sound so happy. I hope your wishes for a place there all work out and you get to stay where your core being is at its rightful place!! Would love to catch up when you get back. Cheers Anita

  7. Love reading all about your adventures. Looking forward to catching up with you soon, but hoping you'll find the right house and go back there so that I have your blogs to enjoy!! I'm learning so much about Iceland that I'm wanting to go myself!!

    Love Gill