Monday, 12 April 2010

Nearly Done!

Nearly all the major work is done, I painted a bedroom earlier in the week...It needed it desperately, I had intended to do it after Jesse moved out, however the day after he left Dom moved back in for a couple of months before going to Melbourne...when Dom left, Eva moved into the room so I never got the chance.

The only major job left is to paint the front fence which I have started and managed to get one coat on yesterday but it needs another...but hey it rained early this morning so I think it best to leave for another day.

A very overcast looking sky today...not a good day to paint outside!

After one coat!
So will work on sorting and cleaning up inside, remove some of the unnecessary clutter and then the old place should be ready for sale. The Perth market is very buoyant at the moment and places seem to sell relatively quickly, I don't think this house will take too long.
Hopefully the roses will keep blooming as they make the house look good!

However I seem to be doing everything back to front, selling my home before I have got residency in Iceland but I am taking a leap of faith that it will all work out...fingers crossed!!! Hopefully Unnur, I will get back there in time for some Berry Picking with you!

Besides painting the bedroom I managed to catch up with a dear friend Judy and fit in a little retail the same time (no shoes, clothes or handbags for me) we visited Shedwallah in Freo.
Shedwallah is the place for those interested in all things exotic,, carpets, rugs, textiles, garden pots etc it is a great place to while a way a few hours...6 Stack St Freo.
I bought floor rugs and cushions...which will make the house look good but the stuff can move with me to Iceland.
The purchases...Afghanistan Balouchi tribal wool rug and two saddlebag cushions.
Iranian Meshecl wool runner for the entry hall
I also bought a slightly damaged kilim in their hail had a slight run of colour that is hardly noticeable...a bargain for $100

And this lovely handmade chainstitch cushion for my bed...they even had large floor rugs in chainstitch they were absolutely magnificent and mind-boggling in the amount of work.

It was a week of catching up with friends and family, on Thurs night I enjoyed a meal with Mai-Yung a dear friend from uni days and on Fri had a lovely lunch with my two younger sisters Kerry and Donna.


I must say I am enjoying not being tied down to a 9-5 job.
Aah...I did make the right decision not to paint today as it has just started to rain again.

Just one more of the kickstarter projects I have pledged to (1024 bits of you and me) time is just about up, so if you feel inclined to sponsor go to the link above.


  1. love the things you bought... so nice.. Well the black report came out today and am so angry and frustrated at what has happened here and am also so angry and frustrated in thinking that nothing much will change! Love the fence - looks so good without the bore water brown...
    take care

  2. Yes the Black Report...I have read what is available in english but it lacks detail...I will follow the Iceland Weather Report for more information...I did read her tweets and it seems that corruption abounds...what amazes me is that in 2006 there were major warnings but no one paid heed.