Sunday, 19 September 2010

Monday Ice: Monty Python and the Njáls Saga

 The Sagas are something that I know very little about and it will take time for me to understand and become familiar with them, learning the language may help with that.  Iceland has an exceptionally high rate of literacy, apparently more books are produced per capita than most other countries.  Its culture is very much embedded in literature and the renowned Icelandic sagas written in the 12th and 13th centuries and are commonly still read.

Today is for a laugh as I came across this Monty Python clip about Icelandic Sagas...It is very funny especially the beginning. If you read about Njáls here you will understand how the Monty Python team came up with their skit.

So take the time to put a bit of laughter into your day!


  1. He he.... a good one..;°)... Monty Python never fails.
    Do you think that this "Malden" territory invested a lot in Icesave??? And that is why thy use it in Njáls saga?? ;°)...
    Love your posts...