Monday, 14 March 2011

As they say in Iceland "If you got nothing to say there is always the weather".

 The weather can change quite dramatically in a matter of minutes here, it is hard to predict what it will be like. 

I woke up to this on Friday morning, I could barely see through the bedroom window and...

I could not see through the kitchen window at all!

 This is the view from the office, you cannot see the Fjord or the mountains.

Ross had been over to play drums after work and then had to walk home in this!

However the next day it looked like this...

but today it is wet and windy...a southerly at 51km/h and looks like this...

The rain melts all the snow very quickly.

The sun is now up for nearly 12 hrs, sunrise today was at around 7.45am and sunset will be around 7.15pm.

I think we will have to get one of these little sleds for Henry Thor, apparently it is the easiest way to cart little ones around in snow.


  1. and today we have snow and wind.....

  2. Oh poor Ross. That looks very cold vic..

  3. What awesome weather! I would get a thrill waking up to those windows covered in snow.