Monday, 21 March 2011

While I am waiting for Spring!

Well the weather has been pretty intense, although today it is very still and yesterday was so very pretty with gentle falling snow, but March has not been the weather for getting out and about too much...especially when on foot.  I just found this little video titled 'Spring in Iceland - March 2011' very apt.


However I haven't been idle and have just about finished painting the apartment except for kitchen and bathroom, they can wait...they function ok and I need to start making decisions re the business side of things next.

The hallway is now complete, below are a couple shots before I moved in, even though the walls look white in the pics they are really what I call Post Office grey. 

There are 8 door frames and 5 doors that needed painting beside the walls and ceiling.
I set the doors up in the basement sanded and painted.  Just have one side of the guest bedroom door to finish.  That room is nearly done, but have just run out of paint...2 walls need one more coat...Murphy's law...will try and get some today.

Also whilst in the basement I worked on a long narrow table that was left behind.  It was in pretty shabby condition, the top is veneer with bits missing, but I loooved the shape of it.

So while I had white paint around I splashed a bit its way and then attacked it with sandpaper to expose some of its former glory.

 At the moment it has ended up in the hallway...whether it stays there for ever I am not sure...

Ross came over and helped put the doors back up and hung a couple more of my large prints.

 this one is a bit blurry - sorry!


  1. That looks great Vicki, love the shabby chic table.

  2. Your apartment is looking great. Well done! goood luck with the business

  3. I love the table Mum! It looks great you have such a touch, you've done a great job on the place, hope your proud of your efforts! xx