Wednesday, 1 June 2011

First day of Summer!

So it is the first of June...which I am taking as the first day of summer here, however Icelanders do traditionally (somewhat optimistically) celebrate this in April (a Thursday during the period 19 to 25 April) as in the past they divided the year into only two seasons, winter and summer and they would celebrate the onset of summer with parades and other entertainment.  However I don't remember seeing any celebrations here then. 

To welcome in summer, today we have a warmish 10c and no wind, (although a little overcast) plus a parade of children down the main street.

I must say I have a pretty good vantage point here in the old Post Office and get to see most of what is going on in this town.  From the balcony I was able to watch the parade from the front of the building and again when it went around the back.


  1. Excellent Vic, you won't miss a thing!

  2. Schools out for summer!

    Now I am going to have that song on my mind for the rest of the night!