Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My Front Yard!

As summer is here I thought my front yard needed a bit of a spruce up....and funnily as I was just thinking this, as if by magic, a team of front yard fixer upperers appeared and started beavering away...making my wish come true.

Over the summer school holidays which are from the beginning of June to the end of August the shire employs high school students for various tasks cleaning up and beautifying the town....and they are paid a rate of around 600ISK per hour (approx $5AUD).  I have seen students in large supervised groups picking rubbish off the beach, weeding between the cracks in the footpath (I pity the group of kids who drew that short straw), helping with the Sumertím organised activities for the younger children and happily for me my front yard is on the list as well.

 Here they are planting the border after the edge had been dug out and the fresh soil brought in.

 It took a few days to get all the plants in and each night the young seedlings were covered to protect them from the wind.
 and now it looks like this thanks to the shire and the teenagers of this town.


  1. Btw- can you put up more of Henry, maybe you could pull out some of your cinematography skills. Which I have seen in such Videos as.."Petla looks at sheep" and "its snowing" ...i think you should add henry in there..with olga and ross's approval of course. xxx