Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I am a bower bird, I cannot go for a walk without bringing something home to line my nest.  

There will always be a rock or two twenty, 


beach glass,




 and driftwood

I have always collected bits and pieces...I love old and I love nature....so these things fill my home. However now that I walk 3 times a day the collection of rocks and feathers etc is getting a tad out of control.

Remember, I did say I would make it harder for myself to pick up rocks by only collecting heart shaped ones...well take a look at this.

 It seems that all rocks are heart shaped, I only ever see heart shaped rocks now...they are everywhere...even embedded in the roads I cross.  


So maybe now I will make it even harder by only collecting rocks shaped like...



  1. I want to go walking with you! That is an awesome collection!

  2. Well Vicki you have collected a lot of heart shaped rocks and they kinda look like Tasmania...so when you've collected as many Australia shaped ones you'll have the whole country!!

  3. Can I have one? I want a heart shaped rock, I have no more rocks I got rid of them all I need new ones. maybe for my 30th?? haha

  4. Your house looks quite like mine - ha ha ha! I pick up feathers compulsively - especially black (crow and raven) and blue (jays) feathers. And lordy.. my house and my yard are overflowing with rocks! Sticks, logs, shells, sea glass... I have surrounded myself with them. Your pictures are lovely - and so are your collections. (all except for the flies - ewwww!

  5. Thanks everyone and...
    Kerry...have 4 Australia's now.
    Eva...you could be lucky!
    Terry...I am fast running out of room.