Thursday, 14 July 2011

Henry and Knitting

Henry has so many clothes from gifts and hand me downs plus all the bargains from the Red Cross...he has a far more extensive wardrobe than I...the knitting I have done is really superfluous to his needs, so I intend to slow down on the making for Henry for the time being anyway.

However, every now and then I do pick up some left over wool from projects and knit little triangles to make bunting for Henry's room.  

I did finish the blanket just before he was was so enjoyable to knit...just plain old garter stitch,  easy to pick up at any different to the dastardly difficult cushion I made earlier.  I enjoyed it so much that I intend to make another as a throw for around the apartment...perhaps I will get it finished for winter.

I finally got around to knitting leggings for the little cardigan and hat I had made earlier.  Learned all about gussets and knitting in a rise for the bottom with these, (my knitting vocabulary is growing) he may get some wear out of them through the winter months. 

He is a sheer delight becoming more alert, making cute baby talk noises, definitely got a double dose of placidity (a dose from each of his parents) and I don't care what anyone says he smiles when I talk to is not always wind!
 He is adorable!


  1. Yes, that blanket is lovely, big enough to keep both of us cosy! And I can't wait til he can fit into all his warm winter things!

    So impressed with your knitting, soon you'll be churning out lopapeysas by the dozen!


  2. Henry is adorable and yep he smiles! Your knitting is fabulous! Keep up the great creative work!!!!

  3. Hi! I loved your knitting too. The blanket is the best. Best wishes to the young family!