Sunday, 31 July 2011

I miss....

Apart from family and friends I have to say at this stage I am missing Australia very little,  after 10 months I still feel a strong sense of belonging here...that this is the place I am meant to be. 

However I do miss a couple of things...firstly the good old fashioned Aussie flyscreens.

Pic source

 Yes Iceland has flies and quite a few in summer. I don't know why but flies buzzing around a room make me feel irritated...they upset my psyche somehow...they belong outside not inside.

 this is what nearly every window sill looks like...aagh!

  Flyscreens are not used here, so to let fresh air through the apartment I also let in flies, flies and more flies.  I hate flyspray and in Australia I probably only went through 1 can of flyspray in 2 years...but here after a month I have nearly finished a whole can.  Maybe by next summer I might have to see if I can get a flyscreen door made. 

The other thing I miss is secondhand/antique shops, there are none in this town...although I do get my fix once a month with the red cross second hand clothing day and the odd market stall events...where there is always the slim chance of picking up something old.  However the other day Olga, Ross, Henry and I went to Arkureyri for shopping and we always call in at the antique/secondhand shop there and this time I managed to score a little bargain...a bronze champlevé lamp....(similar to cloisonné)...

probably originally a vase but later turned into a lamp....which is just what I have wanted for years.  It needs a shade and I will most likely have to try and make something to suit...but for approximately $25 AUD it is definitely a steal!

I have 3 Australian dizzy dames arriving next week, a friend and her two companions on nearly their last leg of 160 days around the world trip...really looking forward to them arriving.


  1. Very nice vase Mum, love it too. I know where i get my good taste ;) x

  2. I know what you mean about the flies..I can't stand will have to get some fly screens from somewhere.

    Love the lamp!

  3. Fortunately the fly season in Iceland is fairly short. We bought a handheld dyson to suck up all the millions of bugs that get into our house, and it's one of the best things we ever bought!