Thursday, 25 August 2011

To look forward and not back, to look out and not in, and to lend a hand. - Edward Everett Hale.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will notice every now and then I have mentioned a few crowd funding projects that I have pledged to.  Crowd funding is a great way to help someone to fulfill their dreams and give them the chance to act on their ideas and inspiration without breaking your personal only pledge what you can afford...if many pledge just a couple dollars a project that was out of the financial reach of the artist can often be achieved.  There are many projects to choose from...I of course like to support the arts as it is so difficult for the majority of artists to access money to fund their ideas.  Artists pretty much worldwide are one of the lowest paid career choices and yet life without them I cannot bear to contemplate. Crowd funding platforms offer a chance to do this within a price range that can support many projects for as little as $1...and many will offer you some tangible thanks via a reward process.

Last night I had the pleasure to meet one of the project creators I pledged to.  Australian Artist Emma Lindsay is here in Iceland on an Artist Residency facilitated by the Bær Art Centre just outside of Hofsós.
A postcard from Emma of one of her bird paintings

Emma who lives in Queensland set about funding part of her travel in Iceland via the Australian crowdfunding platform Pozible.  So it was impozible (sorry couldn't resist) for me to pass up the opportunity to assist in a small way this fellow Australian artist who's Iceland Dream Project was to take place only a half hour drive from Sauðárkrókur.  Last night was also the first opportunity for me to visit the Bær Art Centre and meet Steinunn Jónsdóttir the Directer who has created this outstanding facility.  The centre has five single studio apartments which comprise of bedroom, bathroom and large studio space with a communal kitchen and lounge area.  The centre is modern, light and airy with spectacular uninterrupted views.
view of the common room and the spectacular scenery

I suggest to any of my artist friends in Australia looking for an overseas residency to check out the application details on the Bær never never know if you don't give it ago.   Emma like me has fallen in love with Iceland and you can read more about her Icelandic experience here.

Emma Lindsay and I at Bær

Over recent months I have had the pleasure to receive a few other rewards for my pledges on the Kickstarter American crowd funding site.

The Veterans Book Project was one that left a lasting impression and a continuing project that hopefully offers a healing path for war veterans who return to civilian life traumatised by what they have been through.  I was sent a poem by returned soldier Nathan Lewis you can read his story online here.
Born From Earth a project by Kat Kiernan who was completing her BFA in Photography sent me a 7x7" limited edition photographic book of her thesis Between Earth and Water.  Kat needed funding for a plane ticket to Iceland to complete her thesis.

A project which peaked my interest through my love of maps, geocaching and bookbinding was a story by Suw Charman-Anderson...Argleton: A story of maps, maths and motorways.  This little tale was inspired by Argleton a phantom town that has mysteriously appeared on google maps but which actually does not exist.  A couple of weeks ago I received my hand bound copy of this great little read.

There are quite a few crowdfunding platforms around now besides Kickstarter and Pozible 
RocketHub, IndieGoGo, FansNextdoor to name just a few and they are not all just for creative artsy projects...some are there to help businesses get off the ground, develop open source software and  product will find links to many more here. If you have an idea that you want to develop maybe one of these platforms will help materialise your dream...however be prepared for a lot of online networking to promote your project.

If you are supporter to any of these crowd funding sites be aware that you may have to sit tight for any rewards coming your way...artistic ventures usually take time to bring to fruition...but they are worth waiting for and this is a great affordable way to support the arts or any other area that interests you.


  1. Wow what an awesome post. Amazing how many people fall in love with Iceland. All that creativity!!!