Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Walking like a penguin

It is such an effort to take a stroll, I have to totally concentrate on walking....not allowing idle thoughts to distract me from the job in hand.  The weather is mild around +5, the snow is melting


but the roads are still covered in ice.  

Walking takes such an effort of concentration, even with my spikes on. The ice is melting slowly


but I think the temperature drops during the night and re freezes everything, therefore the roads and paths are like a skating rink...albeit a bit bumpy. 

 Having to concentrate on walking is not something I ever did in Australia, unless it was way back when I was just learning.  

But now I walk like this...


  1. haha. thats hilarous. very catchy too..already stuck in my head.

    But do be careful its even worse than when we were there.


  2. -28C here this morning. It's beyond exhilarating.