Saturday, 17 March 2012

End of Week 4!

I haven't posted pics each week of the reno as whilst work is constant the changes are not so dramatic.  Things have been progressing quite well, although the floor has caused a few problems and I have needed to listen to suggestions to eventually get the floor I desire (more expensive of course).  And what I desire is a sealed cement floor...I do not want parquetry which is the most common floor type here or tiles or wall to wall carpet which fortunately you rarely see here.  I like the aesthetic of cement and am not keen to give this up for a different option.  So Baldur (the mason expert) is working hard to make it happen for me.

So here are a few pics with captions on what has been going on the last few weeks.

Kárí the plumber has been and removed the radiators that were in the wrong positions

 installed some of the plumbing for a completely new bathroom

and positioned a new heated towel rail in what was the existing bathroom.

This beam was moved from here

 to here.

When door frames were removed temporary braces were needed to support the ceiling,


all the new beams were in.

As I said before there has been a lot of work and energy expended on the floor...grinding and filling.

but there is still a way to go before the floor is fully restored.

Originally when the plans where drawn up we decided to leave the pillar between these two doorways (trying to save money), of course on the paper plans it just looks like a small inconspicuous black dash but in reality it obstructs the flow of the space.  So now this pillar is earmarked for removal and to be replaced with a beam across the ceiling.

 And this is what it looks like outside my window today!


  1. Looks like the weather is also under construction :D

  2. Looks like it's all coming along nicely Vic. It must be very cold Petla didn't get a long walk yesterday.

    1. Actually when I started on my walk with Perla that morning the weather was fine but 5mins into the walk it took a dramatic change and so we turned around into the wind and snow and headed straight back home.

  3. How exciting to see it transforming! It looks like they're doing a good job :)

    1. Hi Maja, yes I think they are doing a great job, so far I have been impressed with the way the whole process is unfolding.

      Hope all is well with you both.
      X Vicki