Saturday, 24 March 2012

End of week 5!

Well it is pretty much been all about the floor....Baldur (the expert mason) has been beavering away trying to restore it.  Over the last 60 years the building seems to have gone through a few changes, walls have gone up and come down and in doing so the floor has been knocked around and holes re filled with cement that are now loose and not a stable viable surface.  So there has been a fair bit of grinding going on and leveling, bonding agents and then a new floor poured to get everything level.

So continuing on from last weeks pics, this is where we are at at the end of week 5.

After the grinding and removing of loose concrete here is Baldur (on the weekend mind you, trying to make up for loss time) brushing on a bonding/primer layer.

Then he placed these orange spaces across the floor at various heights

 so the next layer of concrete will level out the floor.

Another coat of the bonding agent added and then the next day the pour.

and voila....this is the result!

I had to make sure Perla did not wander through at the inappropriate time.


 We can walk on it now,

it seems to be drying beautifully, 

 no cracks appearing,

and Baldur (the expert mason) says he has a good feeling about it!

In other news the pillar on the gallery side that I showed you last week has been removed 
(the beam is on the other side of the wall...forgot to take a pic).


I am so pleased that I decided to do this as the space now flows and feels good.

 5 new windows are here 

and I think will be installed on Monday.

The gallery floor still has a way to go but hopefully will be finished by next weeks update.


  1. Nice floor! I can't wait to see the finished product! Definitely on my next Icelandic itinerary!

  2. Wow! It's looking great Vicki. Good on you for having such style and vision.