Sunday, 1 April 2012

End of Week 6!

This is just a short post to keep you all updated on the progress this week.
The gallery floor is finished for the moment...there is another stage but that won't happen until close to the end when all fittings are installed and walls are erected.

 Just after the pour...this stage evens out all the different levels.

It also has dried very well, without any cracks appearing.

The 5 new windows went in.

 One of the stipulations from the council was that the windows needed to have an opening big enough to use as an escape route...if necessary.

 Traditionally Icelandic windows have very small openings, just enough to let the air in and not so much the elements.

View from rear of the building.

 Also the back door was replaced.

 This time opening inwards, as it is difficult to open doors outwards when it has been snowing.

I noticed a few markings on the floor...for internal walls and kitchens.
This could be the next stage!


  1. So good - glad that things are progressing well!

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  3. Haven't got around to reading blogs lately so i'm a bit behind the times. All looking good Vicki, can't wait to see more.