Friday, 6 April 2012

End of Week 7!

All the flags are flying half mast today for Good Friday. Week 7 has been a 3 day working week as Easter Thursday and of course Good Friday are both public holidays here.

However in 3 days the Post House has changed quite dramatically, the large open space has now been divided into the two apartments.

 Monday and Tuesday saw the framework for the walls erected.

On Wednesday I could no longer see across the room.

I now get a sense of how the space works as two apartments.

In some ways it is a shame to lose the large expanse, whilst it would have been nice to have only one large open plan apartment, in the long term this was not a good financial option for me.  All in all  I think we utilised and allocated the space well for the two holiday self-catering units and I think it is working out nicely.  One apartment is slightly larger than the other but this was the best option for the overall layout.

Inside the front door there is a small entry way which provides access to each apartment and there is enough room for me to provide local tourist brochures and information along one wall

This is the sleeping area of the smaller apartment, the camera view is through what will be a wall, where the ensuite bathroom will be.  This is not a very large space, although this pic makes it look smaller than it is, it does only need to take a queen bed and bedside cabinets.  There is plenty of space outside this area for wardrobe and cupboard space.

One of the doorway openings to the gallery has been cemented closed.

Inside the gallery/retail area the original staff kitchen has been reduced in size and partitioned off to create more retail floor space

 but there is still enough room to make coffee and have lunch whilst I am working.

 There has been 4-5 guys working away each day

 and I must say the pace is cracking along nicely.


  1. Looking good Vicki! Imagine what it will be like when you get back from Köben

  2. Looking fantastic! Might be renting an apartment at Xmas! Have fun in Denmark, hope you guys get to some markets and second hand shops. Squeeze my Henry for me.

  3. Self catering apartments? Hmmm, might make it to Iceland in a year or two.. Looks very nice and it's fun to see the progress reports.

  4. That's all looking pretty amazing!

  5. This is the fun part where the space gets more defined.

  6. Coming along nicely Vicki, they'll be ready to go before you know it!