Wednesday, 20 June 2012

“I have to be alone very often. I'd be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That's how I refuel." ~ Audrey Hepburn 1953

Last Thursday I travelled to Reykjavik to farewell Ross, Olga and Henry as they left for their month's holiday in Australia.  Ross has not been back for 4 years and is really ready for some quality time down under.  Of course I will miss them and I will really notice the difference a month has on my grandson. So at the moment I am alone in Iceland, except for 2 dogs...however, being alone has never been an issue for me and I feel quite happy and content...most find this part of my personality hard to understand but I am really not perturbed, there definitely is a little hermit within me who relishes times like these...I feel very much sympatico with Audrey and her need for time on her own to refuel! 

Ross and Henry stretching their legs at a petrol station on the way to Reykjavik.

Whilst they are away I am caring for their dog Nina who is the younger sister to my Perla, fortunately they get on very well and are good company for each other.

Nina posing nicely for the camera!

The weather has been lovely, very little wind, mostly sunny with a few overcast days here and there, so I take the two dogs for long walks morning and each evening.  Last night we went to the beach....Nina likes to dig holes...

perhaps she is trying to dig her way to Oz
While Nina is digging Perla frolics in the water...she loves to paddle...winter or summer makes no difference to her.

The light in the evening softens, these were taken a bit after 7pm.

Last Sunday was National day and the flags were up all around town and sunny blue skies abounded.

Lupins cover the hills in a purple glow at this time of the year.

This morning was overcast but still warm and windless.

This photo below is a bit is quite difficult taking photos with 2 dogs on leashes.  These horses were being moved to different paddocks and as they came out of the gates where the white car is, they headed the wrong way and came racing towards me and the dogs, I just stood stock still as they came within a couple of feet of us, Nina and Perla, were quite in awe of the moment as I was...others on horseback managed to turn them around and this photo shows them now heading in the right direction.

It was a magnificent sight...the photo does not do the experience justice.

There has been a slight delay with the finishing of the apartments as we have had trouble with the sealing of the cement floors and they had to be stripped and re sealed as we ended up with lap lines across the floor span.  A different sealer is now being rolled on this second time around and so far all is looking good.  Everything will be finished by the end of next week and I can start setting them up for holiday rental.


  1. Really looking forward to meeting Henry on Sunday and of course seeing all the other kids as well.
    Agro used to dig holes like that when we went to the beach, I always thought he was chasing crabs.
    Glad those horses turned around, bit scary!

    1. I don´t think there were any crabs on the beach...but I think she could smell something!

      I was not scared of the horses at was just awesome!

  2. Wow the sky is so blue Vicki - I just love the photos. I know what you mean about hermit-ing. I am often unsure how long it has been since I have left our place to go to town!

    1. The blue skies here are stunning, surprisingly so in winter, when the sun is up (around 10am) and the ground is all white and at night in winter I am always amazed at the is a deep ultramarine blue.

      Anita, the hermit thing is deep rooted...I doubt I could function without extended alone times.