Saturday, 9 June 2012

On a Sunny Sunday Afternoon!

Not sure what happened as I had two windows open and obviously published the wrong one, the correct one went like this.

Firstly I just wanted to acknowledge my grandson Henry's 1st birthday yesterday...time just sails along so fast and it really only seems like a few weeks ago he entered our lives.

He is just adorable, I get to have him stay over tonight as he will be on the other side of Australia for a holiday this time next week....will miss him so much.  We just had a very low key family dinner to celebrate as Henry will share a major birthday bash with his Nonno in Australia who turns 60.

Dad looks more excited than Henry about blowing out the candle!
Happy Birthday Henry Thor!

Last week the weather was absolutely glorious, every one grabbed the opportunity to be outdoors soaking up as much vitamin D as they could.  This week the weather has cooled down a little, with some chilly windy conditions, however that seems short lived and in the last two days sun and warmish conditions have returned.

Perla enjoying the sun too!

I spent last sunny Sunday outdoors with my geocaching buddies Bjarki and Patricia visiting a few new places and trying to replenish some of my 16,000 lost photos. I am a bit of a jinx when it comes to technology these last few weeks and my camera battery went flat after just a few clicks (it needs replacing) so most were taken with my phone.

When driving around Iceland in the summer you have to watch out for sheep and horses on the road. During summer these animals roam free, we had to slow down several times to let sheep cross and this horse just walked right up to the car to say hello.

One place we visited was a small fishing village not far from Akureyri called Hjalteyri a pretty little spot.

 We stopped for lunch and had a wonder around, there was a deserted herring factory here.

I found the old fish factory a fascinating structure

I could have taken heaps of photos of this building but this is when my camera battery died.

After lunch, acknowledging Sjómannadagurinn (Seamans day) we drove on to Hauganes to take the ferry ride to Hrísey...a little island off the mainland that I have wanted to visit for sometime.  Only a 15min cruise across the water to this great little village.

 The local taxi vehicle on Hrísey

View down to the waters edge

This is what you call a real rock garden!


Spied this on the drive, looks like canola growing...I think a farmer might be experimenting to see if it will grow here...looks ok so far!  I wonder if it has anything to do with this project.

Very happy with these 3 little pics taken on the day with my phone just as a mist was rolling in, can only remember it was near one of the 3 tunnels we travelled through.

One of the cache locations in Siglufjörður was in pine forest with parkland and waterfall....really will just have to take my word for it as the phone camera was stuck on zoom and those photos are not worth posting.  

This would only happen in Iceland, at one of the picnic tables was a metal box with key in the lock, inside was a lovely leather bound guestbook for anyone visiting the area to sign.

As seems to be our regular practice, we try and time our arrival in Siglufjörður to be for lunch or dinner, just so we can eat at either of these places.

Hannes Boy and Káffi Rauðka

From the docks at Siglufjörður

                        We arrived home at around just doesn't get dark anymore.


  1. The Hrisey taxi is just like those on Sark!

    1. I had not heard of Sark before, so just looked it up....very picturesque, looks like a great place for a peaceful escape from the mainland.

  2. Great photos Vicki - would you believe that I yet to go to Hrisey... something to look forward to!

    1. Sigga you might not have too long to wait!

  3. I got near Hrisey on the water leaving from Grenevik back in '07 on Seaman's Day. I'll never forget being out on Eyjafjordur. Nice pictures, btw!

    1. Jon maybe next trip you can put Hrísey into your itinerary.

  4. Great blog Vicki, love those photos. I've yet to go to Hrisey as well, maybe I'll take Sigga for her birthday

  5. Love the pics Vicki! The landscape is so interesting to me - love the mountains and especially the bays with the boats. I know what you mean about technology too - always have to be on my toes with it!

    1. Thanks Anita, I am full throttle to try and replace some of the images I have lost.

  6. Missed another post! I'll use getting ready for Calingiri as an excuse. Happy Birthday to Henry, can't wait to meet him next Sunday.
    Love the photos Vicki, especially the misty ones. Love the pinks and purples in the first one. Does look very much like Canola, Steve thought it might have something to do with biodiesel, as you said, he must have read it somewhere. Shame you couldn't get a closer look.