Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A walk through Austurdalur

The 18th of August was International Geocaching Day and to commemorate with the thousands of others around the world we did a slow geocache through the beautiful Austurdalur (east valley).

We parked the car about 3 kms from the cache location as the road was only suitable for 4wd

The arrow points to the car.

   The walk was fairly easy, not many inclines, we just followed the gravel road

and walked pretty much parallel with the winding river through the valley

 The weather was pleasant not too warm or windy.

 the views were breathtaking...I never get tired of this landscape

we walked through a farm

plenty of horses 

and the sheep were scattered in the mountains

The road seemed to follow the same winding pattern of the river

 We always start out together but it does not take long for us to settle into our own pace 

and the walk  becomes a more solitary meditative journey as you breathe in and reflect on the amazing vistas before your eyes.

The cache location was here, near a cable car.  

Patricia wanted to cross the river and walk back to the car from the other side...fortunately you needed someone already on the opposite side to operate the cable car...phew...lucky escape!

Another house that speaks to the hermit in me.

 All in all a pretty spectacular day.