Monday, 13 August 2012

Monday Ice: Tölt

A lovely little video by Lesley Elliot about the Icelandic horse, all filmed in the Skagafjörður region where I live.


  1. As always, the area where you live Vicki looks absolutely stunning!

  2. The guy in the video is Bjorn, Sirri's cousin. I loved it but the weather looked miserable!!!

  3. Just to add - tolt is this comfortable step that only Icelandic horses possess. Horsemen say that you can even drink a glass of wine while on the horseback, thou on horse trips they definately prefer landi (home-made spirit)! :)

  4. Got to love the Netherlands, man.
    So " cold".
    Got to love that guy called " Icedon" .
    And when you put Dana- Fredst together with " SStan" , got to love all those " Mettetal Viking Doors".
    They all open for Gatto 999 and Ricky Dark Vikingo.
    Who is a global international terrorist organization ?
    Known as companions of NRA?
    And Bush?
    Can somebody tell us about the organ harvests?