Friday, 23 November 2012

"Snow is so common that I have omitted to note its falling two days out of three"~William Henry Ashley

We have just had 3 blizzards in 3 weeks and record snow falls, rumour says the most in 17 years.

Gamla Pósthúsið during one of the blizzards.

View of my neighbours houses from my front door

Cleanup after the first blizzard, creating a huge pile of snow around the flag pole and right where the christmas tree is going...

On one street around the corner from my son and daughter inlaw (Ross and Olga), 3 houses were evacuated because of avalanche danger.  Monday the snow stopped falling and the sun and blue skies appeared for a short period and everything looked glorious. So I took a stroll to visit my grandson and this is what I saw along the way.

This is the street Ross and Olga live on.

Piles of the white stuff every where.

Snow up to the top of fences.

backyards completely disappeared.

the local playground,

no swinging on the swings here

Vehicles buried
Ross and Olga's house
...the fence has nearly disappeared

Ross had to dig the car out,

channels had to be dug through the snow so to get to properties

Around Gamla Pósthúsið there were mountains of snow where flat ground used to be

The back of the building
There is another row of windows under there

huge snow drifts up to my height in spots covered the carpark

the parking on Kirkjutorg was severely diminished

with huge snow drifts taking up most of the space

the side of the studio windows are under there somewhere!

 The balcony completely covered in snow up to the railing

 view from my kitchen window...still magnificent!

This video is of a drive around the town on the 19th Nov.

The weather yesterday warmed up to 4° so the melting has begun.

         I leave you with pictures of my grandson Henry 

and the only way to travel around here!


  1. Vicki, your posts always enchant me! Right now, in Mackay, it's 7pm and still high 20s Celsius.(With mosquitoes. Of course.)

    1. Yes Di, Iceland is certainly at the opposite end of the weather spectrum to Australia, it did not make it into the 20´s here even in summer.

  2. We are just getting our first "real" snow. It was 11C yesterday afternoon and this morning it is -7 C, windy and snowing, but not like where you are.

    1. Jon I am in love with the weather here, even blizzards, I admire the spectacular power of nature and really revel in the huge contrast in seasons that I did not experience in Australia.

  3. It all looks so gorgeous from a distance Vicki.

    1. It is still gorgeous close up Helen, I am in constant awe of it.

  4. Fantastic photos. I am jealous of the weather there

  5. Wow, it must be something to grow up in Iceland - for the snow as well as many other reasons! Henry is lucky. These pictures make me want to build a snow fort, and I'm supposedly an adult. I can only imagine what this kind of snowfall did to the turf farmhouses of the old days!