Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday Ice: Icelandic Language Day

Saturday the 16th was Icelandic language day, so I have a few little videos to celebrate it.

Just recently there was a competition to find the most beautiful Icelandic word.  The University of Iceland selected thirty finalists from a cross section of age groups.  You can see a list of the words here with the English translation and meaning.  The winning word was ljósmóður which means midwife - literally translates to the mother of light.  My favourite word from the selection is gluggaveður - window weather meaning weather that is best experienced from behind a window. I imagine that word gets a lot of use here.  

The below video with the pronunciation of some of the words is from Hulda, who writes the Icelandic Language Blog.

Apparently since the competition a couple of guys have started a facebook page to find the ugliest Icelandic word.

Here are a few more little videos created by school children from Brekkuskóli in Akureyri to celebrate the day.  Take a moment to learn the Icelandic alphabet, numbers and colours.

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