Sunday, 11 May 2014


26/9/1983 - 31/3/2014

Domenic my shy, gentle, compassionate and tender hearted son, was an individual, a non conformist, who had his own unique off centre style.  He saw the world differently to most and was often overwhelmed by the brutality of the everyday and had little time or understanding for what drives most people.  Success in the traditional sense was not something he sought.  He was not interested in the superficial and often surprised me with the way he could see through the layers of crap to the very core or essence of what is real.

He was a giver, never a taker, he would give to strangers in the street readily, freely, happily. From his very first job until the day he died he paid a direct debit from his bank account into to a children’s charity, he has done this continuously for all his working life.  Even though he himself often struggled financially he always made sure he had enough money aside for that.  He never needed possessions and lived with the barest minimum. 

Music however was the one thing he could not live without and it was his partner in life.  From a very young age I realised that music captivated Dom’s heart, his father and I encouraged him in pursuit of this love, this connectedness he felt with music and it was probably the greatest gift we ever gave him. As a teenager the guitar was grafted to his body from the moment he rose in the morn till the last thing at night, I think he even played it in bed, his fingers constantly strummed and plucked at the strings. I remember every conversation I had with him during this period came with it’s own soundtrack. 

Dom probably did not realise just how much he inspired and introduced others around him to the joy of music. I know many were directly influenced by Dom’s feverish and relentless drive that he had to not just play the music but to truly feel it.  

I remember him telling me how some music physically made him shiver and brought him to tears…at that stage he was obsessing about the Dirty Three and as family and friends know it usually was one particular musician or group that he would play over and over and over again, until his appetite for them was eventually sated and he could let them go for a while and delve body and soul into another.  He always pursued music with such an intensity and fervour, searching relentlessly for the sound that could shoot the breeze with his spirit.  

When he was in the throes of this conversation, especially on stage, he was absolutely captivating to watch, it was the only space I think he felt truly connected.

Deep down I think I always knew this day would come, I feel it was always in the air.  I visited Dom in Melbourne just before xmas last year, we had a gentle reconnection after sometime apart, I feel so blessed to have had this time with him and this recent memory lightens my heavy heart. I knew that trip was meant to happen, it all fell perfectly in to place and I can see so clearly now that even though intellectually it did not register at the time, I do feel both our spirits knew it was the last time we would see each other and it was our goodbye.  

Dec 2013

I am not sad that Dom has chosen to leave his skin at this point in time, I was so sad before, when I knew that he struggled so to find his peace...but I am not sad anymore. Of course I will miss deeply my gentle giant but I am happy in the knowledge that he has finally found his home, he is free of the internal torments that made it all so hard for him, he is at peace. 

Our Dom is now singing, playing his guitar with his eyes shut and the side of his head glued to his shoulder,  he’s finally found the music, found the sound that makes his soul dance and I believe he is dancing…finally dancing with joy.

Bye my sweet love until we meet again when I finally get to go home too!

Freedom Blues - lyrics, acoustic guitar and vocals - Dom Di Blasio


  1. Oh my, Vicki - my sincere thoughts are with you - what a beautiful post, I had no idea you had a son.... Kia kaha. xox

  2. Lovely Vicki...he was a beautiful man. He is playing in our hearts. XX

  3. Beautiful. My thoughts exactly. Thank you for sharing. Loving thoughts to you and your family.

  4. I know I would have liked him.

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words...I really do appreciate them!

  6. Oh, honey. I found your blog because of your latest post with Sylvia Plath in the title. (I have a Google alert set for any new Plath posts.) I'm so sorry for the pain you are feeling. Your son sounds like a beautiful soul. I'm at a loss for the right words to say. In lieu of that, here is a virtual hug from a fellow blogger >:D< God bless.