Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My morning walks with you

The air is fresh and cool 
and I brace myself for the steps ahead.
Perla sniffs the ground.
I sniff the air, willing it to transform me with every lungful. 
As if its pureness will bring me peace 
And make less room for the sadness that now overfills my insides.

I look forward each morning to these moments. 
When the rhythm of Perla’s constant hunt for scent and the beat of the music
joins forces with the pace of my steps.
And the cadence of my breath unites to the pattern of just being. 
Which all aligns to the beauty of you. 
And we walk side by side.

I walk, music in my ears. 
It calms me and connects me to you.
I feel your strength beside me. 
Your towering shadow just out of reach.
We commune through the music and with each new track you have your say.
We laugh, we cry and we almost touch.

Sometimes we do not pass a thought to each other.
But are just present together and that is enough. 
We take in the grandness of the space around us and the intimate details of our downward gaze. 
Yet we know that there is no space, no details, no distance, no time. 
Just now and only now and forever now. 
And on we walk and walk and walk life.


  1. You have a wonderful skill with words Vicki. Such a beautiful and poignant piece of poetry. I am so glad you are able to find this heart space on your walks and what a treasure to have his voice in music.

  2. That's beautiful Vicki...made me cry. XX