Friday, 26 September 2014

Forever 30

Today is my son Domenic's birthday, he would be 31, it is the first birthday we celebrate without him....I so want to ring him and say Happy Birthday son.

Apparently when he was young 13/14 years he told his friends he thought he would die at 30...a path seemingly already laid sometime ago.

Of late I have been dreaming about him a lot, they are all lovely sweet dreams, I wake up feeling so very good. He is usually a loving sweet child with very wise and caring words appearing in all types of stories.  I cherish those waking moments when I know I have been sharing my night with him.

My photos now will all be the same, no more new photos of Dom, this is the very last one I took of him when he was 30.  It was such a great day....he took Eva and I to the beach...Melbourne was having a scorcher.

We will celebrate his day!  Eva, John, Jesse, my sister Donna and my niece Bella will all meet up in Athens today.  Quite unintentionally they have all ended up with the same flight home on Dom's birthday from their different European wanderings.  Ross and I will meet up tonight for a celebratory toast.   

Happy birthday my dear sweet boy, we all miss you!


  1. Such a handsome man. Gone but never forgotten. You have an angel now to look after you and no doubt when the sun shines he is smiling to let you all know that he is okay xx

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