Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Blue Shadows

A quick post of the bluest shadows I have ever seen. The photos do not do the colour is almost a luminous blue. These were taken about 10.45am in the morning before sunrise but it was quite light anyway and an absolutely freezing -17.


  1. Vicki, your photos are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the next blog. Enjoy the weather and the food and the company. Lots of people have seen Olga and ross's book that you made and are just awed by what a beautiful thing that it is. I look at all the time and notice new special photos each time. Cheers. Love to all! Unnur

  2. Thanks Unnur, I am having a fabulous time, the weather food and company are great. Thanks for the lopa peysa it is keeping me very warm.

  3. I heard it was a blue moon on New Years Eve, at least in Australia. Not that I know what that means!

  4. And it must be noted that these beautiful photos were taken with Freyja hauling on the end of the lead! Bonus points!