Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 with a bang!

The town of Saudarkrokur rocketed into 2010 with bang after bang after bang!!!
Everyone here buys fireworks and sets them off in their yards....not ilegal here...and the whole town is set alight with stunning fireworks. No need to wait until midnight, any old time during the day will do...just to get you in the mood!
Every light in the town must be on!

We walked up to the graveyard just before midnight (the best site to observe what is going on in the town). I have never seen so many fireworks in a 20-30min period ever, Sydney harbour I think would pale to the display here. Apparently though this was nothing to what goes on in the capital Reyjkavik, where 200,000 people purchase fireworks compared to the 3,000 in Saudarkrokur.

After this fab show was finished we went back down to Sigga's and put on our own mini display.



  1. Happy New Year! It's a great time of year :)

  2. Happy New Year to everyone there XX Great photo's Vic