Sunday, 10 January 2010

6 degrees of separation!

Today's temperature is 6 degrees, yesterday was a sweltering 9. Within 2 days the snow has disappeared...separated from Saudarkrokur for the time being...hopefully it will come back before I leave. I am amazed it happens so quickly, a transformation from pure white to chocolate coloured mountains surrounding the town.
Yesterday we went for a drive outside of Saudarkrokur to look at the location of a few properties I may be interested in....will try and see them internally this coming week. Everything here is positioned in a picture perfect settings!
Views of a farm 16k's from SaudarkrokurView from another property with the island Drangey in the distance.

I have taste tested a few Icelandic traditional foods...managed to keep the smelly fish down and we had a rye bread desert that is soaked in water which was quite nice with cream and I love horse, have now had that curried, roasted, goulashed and stirfried. Icelanders like sweet food, they always sugar the mashed potatoes which is taking a little getting used to...they use very little salt and there is no salt shaker on the dinner table. However they do put salt in porridge and cannot fathom why we would want sugar in it. One that I really had trouble with was blood pudding (not dessert...this is a main meal) made from sheep blood, suet, rye and a little water all stitched up in to the lining of a sheep's you sprinkle with sugar before you eat. One mouthful was enough for Ross, Olga and myself...Sigga ended up ordering a pizza for us and Freyja the dog kindly eat our left overs.
Blood pudding!


  1. Hi Vicki
    What a pleasurable thing to do, my first morning back at your blog. So interesting & different, gorgeous photos...can't see much of you though :) Spent my holidays building a pergola even on our hottest day on record 47 degrees! Back at work for a rest ha ha!! Have fun! Blood pudding hmmm!
    Love Sally x

  2. I wish I had been there for the slatur. I love it! Those farms look nice, We'll come and help with the chores. Hope you get lots of snow again. Lots of love to all, have fun and enjoy the experience. Unnur

  3. Yech! Slatur is my least favourite icelandic food. There's really no need for it in this day and age. I didn't mind it pickled in whey, really sour, but only with porridge or rice pudding.

  4. Maja is that porridge with salt in it???

  5. So happy to read and see such beautiful photo's of a place so very different from mine.
    Glad to know you're fitting into the culture and way of life over there. Stay rugged up and warm. Looking forward to your next post.
    Regards to you and your family,
    Julia Gonzalez