Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A few small observations!

I thought I would document a few things I have learned or noticed since being here.
  • Sunrise is currently around 11.30am and sunset is around 3.20pm.
  • Hot water to the house is provided by the natural underground thermal system. It smells a bit like eggs because of the sulphur but I hardly notice it now....in Saudarkrokur the hotwater for the town is provided this way and is relatively inexpensive and provides all the hotwater for kitchens, bathrooms and heating of the home.
  • No need for hair conditioner here as the natural thermal water leaves my hair ever so soft and manageable.
  • If you have any silver or white gold jewellery the sulphur in the water turns it to a gold colour which reverts after it no longer is subject to this type of water.
  • Death notices are announced on the radio.
  • Horse is very tender and tasty.
  • Home heating tends to dry things out including your skin...lots of hand cream in use...no need for clothes dryers.
  • Residents' phone numbers are listed by their first name.
  • Icelanders sleep in if they have the chance.
  • Little rubber thingy's are essential for slipping on your shoes to walk in the ice and snow.
  • There is no self raising flour in Iceland.
Mannebrodder (little rubber shoe thingy)

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