Thursday, 11 March 2010

Dreams can come true!

Well it is still as hot as haydes here... 38 today and an expected 39 tomorrow.

I am not one for writing lists but have been able to tick off a few things on my house renovation mental inventory...bathroom done, laundry done and lawn planted out the back.  Still have not painted the picket fence but the lawn took priority seeing that I unexpectedly got for free, several rolls of turf, enough to cover the small area in my backyard.  Last weekend Jesse was helping me to replace the taps in the bathroom and when he was leaving I noticed that a skip bin at the house across the road which was being landscaped had large squares of turf in it.  Jesse asked the guys if we could have the turf out of the bin and they said sure and you can also have the 5 left over rolls in the trailer...yippee free stuff!!!
So for the next few days I dug up the old turf, levelled the ground, laid a few pavers under the clothes line, prepared the ground, juiced up the soil and finally rolled out a new lawn.   I am slowly losing weight with all this activity and my body has never been so sore...but I am quite enjoying all this physical makes a nice change to 9-5 and sitting in front of a computer all day.

 As I am writing this, the film Iceland: Future of Hope has nearly reached its goal, it is at 95% with still 10 days to go, that dream for the film-makers should  come true any day now.  

What a fabulous idea the kickstart website is...wish I had thought of it.  I have been inspired to donate to a few other arty projects,  even though you need an American bank account to post a project anybody can pledge,  some for as little as a US dollar.  I hope it will soon go international as it is a great idea for emerging artist who need to fund a project...some are great fun!
These are the ones that I have pledged to 1024 bits of you and me, Bit Parts, Scrapbook: A Book of Many Authors and Scenic Postcards for a Year...take a good look at the Kickstarter site...depending on what you donate you get a reward, but anyway it is good for the soul to help someone make their dream a reality.

For those of you who have not heard 93% of the Icelandic people voted a resounding NO in the referendum last Saturday!

For now I will  focus on getting my house in order to sell and hopefully by slowly moving forward  my dream will soon come true.

Don't forget Earth Hour on March 27!

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