Thursday, 4 March 2010

I am not giving up!!!

Well my bid for the property in Iceland has been has not been sold...all bids apparently were too low, rumour has it that I was the highest bidder...not sure what the next step is...but I am not giving up!  Will keep you all informed...the wheels however move slowly in Iceland!

Found a few last pics of Iceland on my camera taken through the car window on our 3 hour drive to Reykjavik.  Basically I am putting these up for me as I am missing the place so much!  Some areas were covered by snow and others not.
 Icelanders vote in a referendum on Saturday on Icesave although no agreement with the UK and Dutch governments have been reached, latest polls expect that 74% of Icelanders will vote no.
Although this article is old for those of you interested it is a great read about Iceland and the initial collapse 
and these links highlight some of the issues surrounding Icesave and

 Now for more mundane things I have been working on titivating my house to put on the market...I will continue on with that, fixing up all those things that you just put up with until you need to sell the place.  This week has been scraping flaky paint off the laundry and bathroom I am painting them and tomorrow I paint the used to be white picket fence that has turned a nice orange bore water stain colour!  Thankfully the weather has cooled down a tad to 28 today.
Lastly a couple snaps of my flowering cactus... flowers only open in the evening and are gone by daylight. 


  1. that stinks about the house but am glad you are not giving up. will talk soon


  2. AusIs exists as does Vicki with an id number! So it's not all bad news!!! I am sure that something else will happen and that things will be ok. The snow is all disappearing now and there were a number of earthquakes in the last night... Could be an eruption in the next few days.

  3. mum just read your blog from end to beginning - she thought that some of the Icelanders in WA should be reading this - that you should publish, as it would certainly bring a tear to a few eyes out there. Your love for this place is amazing, I keep my fingers crossed and toes and all other bits and pieces in the hope that all will turn out good. Like you say - if it's meant to happen it will!!!!

  4. bugger,bugger, bugger. I actually visualised us all there at the PO. Will probably happen, just later. I agree with Sigga, publish your memoirs of Iceland, or organize a charter tour from Oz. Keep in touch, Thor is handy with DIY projects. Love. Unnur