Thursday, 13 May 2010

Little Sparrows

The last week or so my blog seems to be all about family, my post today is no different.  I am writing about a Western Australian feature film called Little Sparrows, my daughter Eva is the producer and I am one very proud mum!  Eva had only just graduated from her film degree less than 6 months when she took on the production responsibilities of this huge project.

I was constantly amazed at her organization and communication skills, her ability to multi task and yet keep focused on the job at hand. An absolute professional who dealt with the myriad of changes and requests from director, executive producer, cast and crew promptly and always with a smile. I am in awe of her ability to take a project on and just run with it...fear of failure is not part of her world...she is always willing to give things ago and keep trying until she gets it right. During this time, every waking, thinking, breathing moment for her was about this film.

One of my favourite pics of Eva
Eva as a film student at Curtin University
Little Sparrows is a very low budget, self funded film by WA company Bolderpictures. This is their debut feature.  As mother of the producer I was privileged to an in home private viewing of the film when it was in its final post production stage. It is a story about women and for women, I am sure anyone who is a mother will be able to relate to the emotion of this film.

It is not your usual run of the mill hollywood style has a decidedly European feel, shot with a hand held camera which provides an intimate almost voyeuristic view into the lives of each of the characters. At times this closeness feels uneasy and awkward as you seem to pry into and view the exposed raw nerves and extremely private emotions, reminding you just how uncomfortable some moments in real life are.  A touching film, one that will possibly make you cry...It did me...I sobbed!

Camille Chen the director took a very intuitive approach with the film...there was a story and a general scene breakdown, but no script for the actors who were asked to totally throw themselves into the characters and improvise...I imagine a difficult way to work, requiring a huge amount of trust from all those involved but highly rewarding when it all comes together and you are in the flow.  As an artist, I know that being in the flow when you are working on a an amazing and wonderful feeling!

Camille and Eva are currently at the Cannes Film Festival to promote the film for international sales and distribution.  Bolderpictures have signed with a French distribution agency Urban Media International (Umedia) who are Paris based and specialise in arthouse cinema from around the world and acquire only seven new films each year.

Little Sparrows poster takes centre position in the Umedia booth at Cannes.
 Eva and Camille attending a red carpet premiere in Cannes on the opening night...I think it might have been Robin Hood.

Little Sparrows will have its world premiere at the Sydney International Film Festival so if you are attending the festival please check it will screen on the 11th and 12th June.
Take a look at the film's website and their Facebook page for more information and if you are interested and have a Facebook account (although I know many of you already have) please become a fan of the film.

P.S.  Just like when you get a new car you notice that same make everywhere and before you hardly knew it existed, well Iceland is like that for me and Little Sparrows has a link to of the actors Nick Candy lived and worked in Iceland for a while and his partner is Icelandic!  I am obsessive...I know!


  1. Well, you were obviously expecting this question - What's her name and is she living in WA and if so do we know her.... typically Icelandic of me. There is no such things as six degrees in the Icelandic world - usually only 2 or 3. Will write you an email tomorrow when I have info on the post office.

  2. and ofcourse good luck to Eva - am sure she is having a wonderful time in Europe!

  3. Yes I think she is living in WA but Sigga I will have to wait for Eva to return to find out more info for you.