Sunday, 16 May 2010

Monday Ice: Food, Glorious Food!

Well as many of you will have seen in previous posts...I struggled to eat some of the traditional Icelandic food particularly the stinky fish, rotten shark and blood pudding.  A little warning here if you are vegetarian this is probably not the post for you...especially the Gordon Ramsey videos.
There are quite a few videos on Youtube of people trying the fermented shark, I have just picked a couple,  this first video explains the process of preparing the shark and the associated traditional Þorrablót.

This next video is of Ian Wright sampling the fermented shark...his reaction closely imitates mine...I had a lot of trouble swallowing it and keeping it down.

Probably my favourite new food that I tried when in Iceland was Horse/ was tasty, lean and very tender.  I could not bring myself to try whale for the obvious reasons and I did not have the chance to try Puffin and not sure that I would be able to as they look so cute.
Puffins on the Island Drangey...pic taken by my son Jesse last year in Iceland.
This video part 1 and 2 are of Gordon Ramsey hunting and cooking Puffin in Iceland and of course  as it is Ramsey there is a language warning.

My son Ross last year on Drangey Island choosing not to hunt Puffin but having fun chasing and catching a different type of animal species.

To recover from Ramsey settle down and enjoy the magic of Sigur Rós and Heima part 4.


  1. I suppose I don't need to tell you that I really loved that! Gave me ideas for what I can do with the seabird breasts that are in mums freezer at the moment. I may even get some Lundi this season and try out his recipe. I liked the idea of the skyr and cucumber salad too. Could be a goer with other game as well. We also got goose breasts today and mum has been dining on goose eggs as well. Although I haven't tried one yet - I guess I am going to have to, I need to overcome some of my food hang ups I think and try stuff before deciding that I am not going to like it.

  2. Yes you are a grown up now taste before screwing up your nose.
    I thought you and Ross would both enjoy the videos.

  3. Well, I thought about it then the next day mum had an egg that had started to change into a baby goose.... that was enough to turn me off for a bit. Maybe I will try one when I am sure that it hasn´t started to turn...

  4. Just love your posts Vicki... looking forward to seeing you again in Iceland...

  5. Yeah Sigga I might have been turned off by that one also!

    Thanks Johanna, I am looking forward to getting back there and catching up with everyone...hope it is not too far away!

  6. Wow. I really enjoy your blogs. I haven't got a phone no/email that works. Someone is after the printer of the wedding books. Please give us a call. It would be great to catch up. Cheers Unnur