Sunday, 30 May 2010

Monday Ice and Big Congrats to Sigga!

UPDATE: I would like to update yesterdays post to let you know that The Best Party (Besti Flokkurinn) has indeed won the municipal elections with 6 seats in Reykjavik and comedian Jón Gnarr is most likely to take up office as mayor. I think this is amazing...hopefully they will take the role seriously and make sure they do have the right/good people around them to make it work....this just wouldn't happen anywhere else in the world....Iceland you are simply the best!

Before I get on with Monday Ice I would like to congratulate Sigga who has been such a help to me and fed me at least 42 different meals on my last trip. Sigga has won a ticket to the Premiere of Iceland: Future of Hope and dinner with the director Henry Bateman....lucky girl! You may remember this was a film I, Sigga and many others supported via the kickstarter website...once released I should get a dvd of it in the mail...hooray!

Ok I thought it was about time I posted a video or two of what Iceland does best and that of course is the landscape. So here are a couple of amateur videos by tourists of the amazing Iceland!
These videos were taken the same time I was in Iceland in the summer of 2009 but for me it was all about the wedding!

The first is of a young Norwegian family of five who spent their summer holidays travelling around Iceland...with 3 young children in tow they packed a lot into their trip and if I do half the stuff they did when I return I will be happy!

The next video is by a young couple in July 2009 who came because they watched the Sigur Rós video Heima and thought they had to see the place for themselves.

And now for more wonderful scenery and part 6 of Sigur Rós's Heima!

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  1. Yep it sure is my year this year - dinner with the director and becoming a local politician.... Am really looking forward to the future!