Sunday, 30 May 2010

The politician is like an acrobat : he keeps his balance by saying the opposite of what he does. ~ Barres

Ok I toyed with the idea of writing this post earlier in the week but changed my mind...mainly because politics is not something that usually lights my fire...but after reading this post at the Iceland Weather Report I just have to laugh comment.

The time is here finally and the public world wide are showing their disillusionment in politicians and political parties. We recently saw what happened in the UK with a hung parliament and Australia could well be in a similar position. Many are over Rudd and his govt but the alternate option of Tony Abbott is truly a scary one. The Rudd govt has suffered in popularity because of a backdown on environmental issues and the Aussie dollar which is on the downward slide...much of this is to do with the Euro situation but many are blaming the introduction by the Rudd govt of a 40% mining tax. The govt are now spending $38.5 million on an ad campaign to defend their position on this tax and convince us all that it is a good idea. But God forbid we end up with the alternate Tony Abbot who touts the bible on climate change and tells us when interviewed by Kerry O'Brien that he may not always be stating the truth. And the comedy of errors in the liberal party goes on with Julie Bishops gaffe announcement that Australian officials forge passports...even former liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser has had enough and resigned from the party.

Icelanders however, are really showing the politicians what they think of them...they are choosing to vote in a bunch of comedians and actors over the real thing.
The Best Party...Besti Flokkurinn at the moment has the majority vote for the municipal elections in Reykjavik and could win 6 seats. Their campaign video to the tune of Simply the Best is a hoot, (even in Icelandic). The lyric translation can be found here. I suppose Icelanders think they cannot be any worse than what they have had in the past, I will keep you informed on the outcome...they will be very interesting to watch if they do get in.

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