Sunday, 9 May 2010

Monday Ice: Laughter is the best medicine!

Sometimes I forget to laugh and when that happens I tend to dream about laughing...what I don't do enough in my waking life then at least I do it in my dreams!  I love the Icelandic sense of humour, it can be quite irreverent and Icelanders in general seem not to take themselves too seriously.  In Iceland the whole nation stops for an hour on New Years Eve and watch Áramótaskaupið a special sketch comedy show about the year in review...I think it is good therapy to have a good laugh at ourselves on occasion.  So take a leaf out of the Icelandic book and start your day with a laugh.
The first one is by Sigrun Huld, this young lady is very funny in an awkward sort of a way as she welcomes you to Iceland. If she tickles your fancy check out the others in this little series

Welcome to my world! 
The next video is a group of 3 Icelandic comedians at a Will Smith press conference in London ...this is hilarious.
Even Sigur Rós display a sense of humour when one of them forget the lyrics at a show in France.

We will finish off with the 3rd instalment of Sigur Rós and Heima, no lyrics forgotten here.

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