Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Happy Birthday Rossy Poss!

Well it is my number 3 baby's this is a big cheerio to Ross who turns 25 today!  Ross will be celebrating in London with his lovely wife Olga and I believe a dear friend Anja will also be visiting from Germany...your family here in Australia send lots of hugs and kisses.

Ross came into the world in a hurry and a bit too early but he is a fighter and always comes up trumps.

Ross has always been a giver not a taker from the moment he was born and has grown into a warm, hardworking, sensitive young man....just the type mothers are proud of!

I am going to embarrass him a little more now and post a few photos as I know his in-laws Unnur and Thor and new family in Iceland have not seen any of these....sorry Ross! 

Ross was and still is a happy cute being, who has always loved good food, especially his Nonna's spaghetti!

 Puberty set in and so did the curls.

 Ross has always loved to draw, illustrating many a tale....once again Ross apologies up front for further embarrassment!

Ross was a bikie
he lived in Bristol Road
every time he road his bike
he would squash a little toad

Mr DiBlasio was a hairdresser
who often raised his comb
he's mad young Ross on a bike
I wish he would go home

Mrs Gear was a mechanic
who often raised her bolt
when Ross road passed
She'd throw a bag of salt

Mrs Beer who owned the bar
who often raised her jar
when Ross rode his bike
she wished he had a car

One day the town got together
and said "that Ross has got to go"
Ross got so angry
he felt like squishing a toe

Ross went home and packed his bags
he was leaving the town
Ross got on his bike 
and left without a sound

 Help! I am stuck down the drain.
(I just love the drawing)

 When he was 8 his favourite things were drawing, running, eating and hugging...pretty much the same today, except running is probably replaced with the lovely Olga!  When he was 11 his nickname was The Lizard King, favourite band of course was the Doors and he wanted to be a rock star, astronaut or animal rights activist.

Well he realised one of his dreams and became a drummer in a rock band!

 He prepared early for his big day and was cute as a mini groom!

 But much cuter when he was doing the real thing!


  1. Great post Vicki...he's gonna love it! XX

  2. This is fantastic. So beautiful.
    I LOVE IT!

  3. Aw he was just as adorable as he is now!

  4. more tears - not alot of work being done as you can tell