Thursday, 10 June 2010


House SOLD after ONE house open! Although subject to sale of another property...but it is an apartment in a good area and reasonably priced...should be no problem!  It is good to know that my gut instincts are on target and my choice of agent was spot on.  The contract has included the 48hour clause where my house can still be opened for inspection and promoted...I can still accept a cash buyer just giving this buyer 2 business days to come up with the money...pretty much a win win situation.  Although a little back to front, it is now time to proceed full steam ahead with the residency application....I feel confident it will all fall into place!

Because I like lots of pics in the blog here are a few random shots I have taken recently just outside my front door.
 An Ibis on my neighbours roof...I often see them on my walks.

 Mating moths on my front wall
 Moody skies 1
  Moody skies 2
  Moody skies 3
 My other flowering cactus....this one always flowers later for some reason...6 weeks to be precise...although they are both hanging from the front porch.  You can see the other one here.


  1. Whoa, that WAS quick! Congratulations - it's all falling into place. You must be so excited!

    I had no idea what those moths were until I read the caption, but it's great - really interesting textures...

  2. Thanks Olga...getting closer to the goal!