Wednesday, 14 July 2010

It is all about timing!

Ok so house has now sold twice!  Two couples are interested in my property, couple number one have first option to come up with the money by Friday lunchtime...this means they need to have bridging finance approved so  the contract is no longer subject to sale.  If they cannot do this, couple number two will be in the running, with a subject to finance...which looks pretty straightforward.   So by Friday night I should have a date for when the house settles....I would say in about 30 days.  On the other side of the world in Iceland I have also just been told that the property I am after will be back on offer late August, which should mean I will have cash to put my bid in this time.  It is strange the way things work out...if things are meant to happen it all seems to come down to timing.  

Ok so what else have I done this week,  Lynette was in Perth for a Celebrants conference,  She and Richard bought me my very own GPS as a farewell present, of course we had to make sure it worked, so Lynette and I caught up for a Sunday lunch and a bit of afternoon caching in between the rain...which seemed to miraculously stop every time we had to get out of the car.

To add to my photographic collection of ingenious hides and the length some people go to to camouflage the cache, this one is a fake rock, it looked so real and matched the surrounding limestone boulders until Lynette tapped it with a stick.

Monday I went to lunch with my sisters...I see Kerry fairly often but we caught up with younger sister Donna and her daughter Isabella, which was lovely and Bella is growing up so fast, she is quite the young lady now.

Donna and Bella

On Tuesday I went for a drive with Kerry and Stephen to Moora and surrounding areas.  Kym, Stephens daughter had an interview there for some serious holiday work.  Of course on the way there and back we stopped for a bit of caching.  After all the stormy weather we have had here this was a beautiful still day, and I soaked up the Aussie bush and shoved it deep within so I will not forget.

Historical cemetery at Gingin.

 Betts Swamp near Wannamal Townsite, on the Moora Bindoon Road

 Stephen, Kerry and Kym grabbing the cache at Betts Swamp
 New Norcia Hotel where we stopped for lunch.
Bindoon, Northern Boundary and amazing bush area

It was so still not a leaf was moving, the calm after the storm, the bush always feels a bit eerie on days like that

Fabulous views from Bell Hill Reserve

However I think my time is fast running out and once the house no longer needs to be specky for potential buyers its time to get my hands dirty and really start culling my stuff, I am thinking garage sale or perhaps the weekend classifieds or the Quokka.  So this weekend I think it will be all about what is in the shed?
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