Sunday, 1 August 2010

Monday Ice: Sunny Iceland

There is something about the light in Iceland that fascinates me...there is a softness to it that I think helps to give the landscape a glow that is quite different to the Australian sunlight.  People laugh at me and look quizzical if I say I am moving to sunny Iceland,  but for part of the year during the months of June and July there is or near to, 24 hour daylight. 

This lovely old 1950's travel video by Hal Linker got it right with the title - Sunny Iceland and explains quite well the misnomer about the name Iceland and goes on to describe all things Icelandic with a 50's perspective.  Hal Linker apparently married the typical Icelandic Miss at 7.07 and they continued making travel films together.  You can see another one here at the Smithsonian Institute blog made in 1970 and they even managed to record an eruption of Mt Hekla.

This next one is of the midnight Sun in northern Iceland at Fljótavík (near Siglufördur). Pictures taken on 7th June 2009 every 30 sec from Midnight till 2:45 a.m.

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  1. We're going to have a few video's to watch when we get home....can't watch them here, uses too much download. X