Sunday, 8 August 2010

Monday Ice: Come on Australia it's about time!

 Norway 2009

A couple of months ago Iceland legalised gay marriage, although for many years they have been very tolerant of same sex relationships but decided it was time to bring themselves in line with the other 9 countries, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and Nepal which have already taken the final step.  In the 1940's Iceland repealed laws criminalizing homosexuality, in 1996 it included same sex relationships in it's partnership laws and in 2006 they were also given the same parenting rights as hetrosexual couples.

In comparison, Australia only relatively recently repealed its sodomy laws, South Australia led the way in 1975 followed by the Australian Capital Territory in 1976, Victoria in 1980, Northern Territory and New South Wales in 1984, Western Australia 1989 and Tasmania in 1997.

Johanna Sigurdardottir, Icelands prime minister, who is the world's first openly gay head of government married her partner of several years once the law was passed.

On Saturday August 7th, Reykjavik the capital, hosted their yearly Gay Pride Parade, whilst it probably is not as big or as flamboyant as the Sydney Mardi Gras, nearly a third of the countries population turned out for the event...approximately 85-90,000 people.  The mayor of Reykavik Jon Gnarr whose party, The Best Party was elected earlier this year opened the parade in drag.

Jon Gnarr in drag...a little Dame Edna Everagish
Jon Gnarr opening the Gay Pride Parade
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  1. Yay, Jon Gnarr! Iceland is pretty fantastic in terms of these kinds of issues, I think!

  2. I was reading through applications for a job and under personal information (where usually people here detail marital status number of kids their ages etc), this one stated : Single, reformed alcoholic 23 yrs, don´t smoke, gay - this has been a fact for the last 35 years. - as i said when I read it - only in Iceland