Monday, 30 August 2010

No Monday Ice today...just Little Sparrows and other stuff!

Cinefestoz in Busselton was the place for the Western Australian premiere of Little Sparrows. I dropped Eva off in Busso on the Wed and I stayed in Bunbury with friends Richard and Lynette. Lynette and I returned to Busso for the premiere on Thurs night.  The response from the public and the media is always very positive, people are genuinely touched by the emotion the film exposes plus the wondrous cinematography. It is a slow gentle paced film, one that I think in someway we all will relate to whether it be similar circumstance and the family relationships or the internal struggles that unfold.  It has been picked up by film festivals all around Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, and  Queensland, it is now time that an Australian distributor took the film on so wider audiences can get the chance to see it.  Little Sparrows is different to the norm in Australian film making, much more European in style.  I resent the fact that our choices in many things become so limited because difference is very rarely explored/supported and we are often dished up with what will bring in the bucks with the least effort, resulting in the same old smorgasbord. The audience/general public often just does not get the chance to experience excellence to be able to develop the discerning palate which in time would show results at the box office.

Little Sparrows cast and crew at the Sydney Film Festival

The Thurs night premiere of Little Sparrows was attended by a large crowd which was great to see, the silence in the theatre at the very emotional and intense moments of the film was palpable as the audience identified with the characters in someway, they were touched by the film and showed their appreciation via applause at the end.  Mark Naglazas from the West Australian conducted an informal Q&A session after the screening, inviting the cast and crew in attendance to come up on stage and answer a few questions from the audience and himself.
 The packed foyer before the start of the show.

 Eva with friends who made the trip to Busselton to see Little Sparrows.
 Eva with Shaunagh (they have been friends since schooldays)

 Camille Chen (the director) introducing the film at the start of the screening.

Apparently the Sat morning screening went even better with a packed crowd who were a very enthusiastic and responsive audience providing wonderful feedback to cast and crew on just how much they enjoyed the film.  Eva said the whole festival was fantastic and with such great responses from the general public and her peers she is more determined to see that Little Sparrows gets a theatrical release.

Eva, Nicola Bartlett and Camille Chen at The Directors Lunch at Clairault Winery in Margaret River

My days are spent catching up with friends (it's a hard life I know), last weekend I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with Vanessa and Kevin...I have known Vanessa since I was 16 (forgot to take pics...sorry).  After Busselton on the Saturday I caught up with Kerry and Annette who I met once my children started school and once schooldays were over we catch up regularly about 3 times a year, always for at least a 4hr lunch as we are never short for words.

 Kerry and Annette

Yesterday (Sunday) Kerry, Stephen and I visited Donna and Isabella and took them for an afternoon of caching at Lake Leschenaultia....Isabella absolutely loved it took over my GPS and was racing from cache to cache and quite the veteran by the time the afternoon was over.

 Isabella with her first find for the afternoon!

 Checking out the goodies to see if there is anything worth to swap.

 Kerry signing a log book and Isabella looking very pleased with herself.

 Isabella beating Donna to the cache every time!

The last cache we did with Donna and Isabella was fun, the road into the cache was lined with stuffed was a good giggle and Isabella just loved it.


  1. Was a great day, we think we walked about 8k' need for the crosstrainer today!!

  2. Hi, Great blog! have you thought of printing some postcards from your photos? There are only 3 types of saudarkrokur available, all old, old. Heaps of horses, puffins etc. Hope your papers come through soon.
    Cheers, Unnur