Sunday, 22 August 2010

Monday Ice: Politics Shomolitics!

The 2010 election campaign in Australia has been dismal...with Australians required to vote for the lesser of two the moment it looks like Australia as the UK did just recently will have a Hung Parliament, with the major parties now having to woo the Greens and Independents to be able to govern the country.  We will probably not know the final outcome for a couple of weeks.  The only bright sparkle in this election is that the Greens doubled their swing from the 2007 election and will hold the balance of power in the Senate and have won a seat in the House of Representatives. Hopefully they can continue to build on this for the next election.  Of course I voted for the Greens which I have done now for sometime but I refused to let my preferences this time go to the labour or liberal party and numbered the ballot sheet from 1-55 making my own preferences...with the two major parties at the bottom of the ballot.  There is a higher rate than normal in this election of informal votes which also suggest the disenchantment the general public have about this election.

Instead of wasting our time voting we could have protested the way some Icelanders are by throwing fish and bread around parliament house so that the seagulls will come and poop all over it...I like their style!
Source of pic
An Icelandic protester feeding birds around their Government building


  1. Maybe we could start feeding rats in D.C. On second thought, that might be too cruel to the rats.