Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Getting there slowly!

Well apologies for lack of posting except for Monday Ice, things are rather chaotic here as I am in the midst of packing up my worldly possessions.  Next Monday the removalists arrive to start packing and wrapping furniture...I am just sorting and packing unbreakables such as books, clothes and linen.

On Sunday Eva left home...we spent the day moving her to Kristinn's in North Perth.  Here at home she had two rooms to spread out in and now is down to one...however she pretty much still has two rooms of stuff to deal with.  Eva has been living at home for over 2 years now and I must admit I was half expecting her to walk through the door after work last night...it will take a little getting used to but I will have plenty to distract myself with....at the moment it is all about packing and sorting.

I am not sure getting a 20ft container is all that good for the cathartic cleanout that was suppose to happen, as I seem to not be throwing out too much!  Of course all my books are going...up to number ten box and still counting...I am certain it's a sin to throw away books!

Of course all the bits and pieces I was going to sell hasn't happened as I did not get organised in time....but they are just small antique bits and pieces, not of any real value but too good to throw away... aah well they will have to come with me now!

I like the idea of minimalist living but not sure that I could ever do it, especially in a home, which in my mind is to be lived in...I could not live in a house where you have to hide your living experience behind lots of cupboard doors.  However I have definitely improved over the years and have whittled things down somewhat.  But there is still something to be said for aesthetics and the beauty of objects and what they do for the soul.  My soul loves the worn item, things that have aged, had many different lives imbued with a soft patina brought about by years of existence, artifacts that have had many owners who add tone to the object. I did toy with the idea of not taking anything and starting completely fresh but just could not do it as a lot of my stuff I have had since I was sixteen when I first started collecting things that I love.
This little miniature oak roll top desk was the very first piece of furniture I purchased at 16 in an antique auction in 1974. Don't think I could ever sell that.

There is of course a fine line between surrounding yourself with aesthetic life collections and hoarding and the accumulation of clutter...a fine line that I walk everyday. However as they say beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

There is also something aesthetically pleasing to my eye about the Ibis...one came for a visit in my front yard yesterday.


  1. I agree, ya gotta keep your 'stuff'. That Ibis got a good feed from your garden.

  2. Aw, that was a beautiful explanation of your appreciation of objects - there´s a clear difference between that and hoarding, I think.

    Also, totally agreed on the sin of throwing away books!

    And that desk is beautiful.

  3. Oh mum! Miss you and will miss you even more soon!! Hope you managed to get through it all. I know where I get my hoarding from..at least you have a little more taste, I just seem to collect crap, like old backpacks stuck with gaffa tape, that I cant use anymore!??