Saturday, 11 September 2010

A Day in Fremantle

Today we took a little visit to Freo, firstly via Shedwallah a shop I have shown love to before.  I could have bought many things but alas everything is all packed on the container no room for any more, however I did succumb to a couple of lovely scarves as I am sure you can't have too many of these in Iceland.
 Kerry bought some lovely embroidered fabric to upholster the seats of a pair of old chairs that live in her hallway. I am sure she will post before and after photos on her blog when they are done.

 We then went to lunch right in Freo at Char Char Bull a serious meat lovers restaurant, although I had a beautifully cooked and served Northwest Barrumundi fillet. The restaurant overlooks the water, the food was fabulous, so no need for dinner tonight. 

The view from our table by the window

As we were walking back to the car I realised we were one street away from my mothers last home in Croke Lane Fremantle.  Unfortunately just after mum purchased, restored and then moved in (1987) she was diagnosed with untreatable bowel cancer and died within 5 months.  During her illness she would often make comment about the unfortunate name of the street and wondered if it was a bad omen. The building is part of historic Fremantle and is near the Round House and was originally owned by the Dalgety Company.

 The property as it is today
The original Dalgety glass above the front door.

 The property went to auction last year, although I don't know what the final sold price was, it was advertised with a  ballpark figure of close to 4million AUD.  I found a few internal images from the realestate site and have put them on the blog so I will always have a record.

 The entry


Staircase view looking down

Main bedroom, mum had a lovely antique brass bed and the room did not look as heavy and overwhelmed.

Ensuite bathroom off the main bedroom

Second bedroom

 Third bedroom

 Lounge upstairs overlooking the ocean.  the spiral staircase up to the rooftop decking has been installed since mum owned the property.

The dining room 

 The kitchen was always a little disappointing as mum ran out of money and was always intending to update it later on but never got the chance and 22 years on it is still the same.

After Croke Lane we whiled away the afternoon in a few Freo antique shops where I couldn't resist this lovely old beaded bracelet from Churchill Antiques

and a little subtle reminder for me of where I have come from.

 I have changed my plans a little, instead of leaving from the East coast for Iceland I have decided to pop over there now (15th Sept) to catch up with a dear friend in northern NSW and then go to Melbourne for a few days to spend time with my eldest son Dom and youngest son Jesse who will also be visiting him at the same time. I will then return to Perth to fly out for Iceland...hopefully all the paperwork will be here by then.

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  1. I loved that house!! I can't believe it is actually as big as I remember. I think it looked nicer when she owned it, better taste. ;)