Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hello from sunny Iceland!

My first day in Iceland was a sunny 16c in downtown Reykjavik. Beautiful blue skies, no wind and just the freshest, cleanest air to breathe...I feel at home and at peace.
I arrived at my hotel at around 1am on the 10/10/10 after a long but steady journey from delays, everything fell into place rather smoothly.  
The view from my hotel window of the largest church in Iceland Hallgrímskirkja which apparently took 38 years to build, it was started in 1945 and completed in 1986
 A different view from another window

I had not slept for at least 36hrs and just crashed not expecting to wake up until lunchtime but the old body clock went off at 7.30am in time for a great breakfast and really good Icelandic coffee. Then I went for a 3hr stroll around Reykjavik before I continued on the next leg of my journey. Of course I had camera in hand...looking very touristy.

 The sky was so blue and the weather warm....16c here seems quite cosy compared to Australia and I worked up quite a sweat.

This is a gorgeous old cemetery with twisted trees that in the night would look rather spooky.

 Wherever I was I could always see the church spire which was my marker for the hotel, as I have absolutely no sense of direction.

I arrived back at the hotel at 2pm just in time to pack up my things and take a short cab ride to the bus port and by 3.00pm was on my way to Varmahlíð where Ross and Olga were picking me up to take me to my final destination of Sauðárkrókur.

 some of the views from the bus window...just one fabulous scene after another.

 Lava fields

 However in Iceland the weather can change very quickly and go from this
to this in an instant...a fog rolled in and

obscured the sun for a good third of the journey.


  1. Welcome to Iceland dear Vicky - I hope you will be happy here and if there is something I can do for you - you just let me know...;°)...
    We are leaving for AUS today - first Keflavik - Amsterdam - 2 nights in Singapore and then Perth... So I will see you in the end of November... Hope you get to buy the Posthus...;°)...

  2. Thanks Johanna, enjoy Australia, hope it doesn't get too hot for you. It is a good idea to spend a couple of nights in Singapore to break up the loooong trip. Hopefully when you return you can come for coffee at the Posthus.