Sunday, 17 October 2010

A horse is a horse of course of course!

The horse still plays a big part in Icelandic life and is very much a revered part of Icelandic culture, so to pay tribute to the horse on Saturday night we attended a Hrossablót.  This was a meal where every course served was was amazing and so delicious, the horse/foal so tender that it pretty much just melted in the mouth.

First course was  Marinerað hross með salati og kryddjurtum frá Jónínu
Translation: Marinated horse with salad and herbs from Jónínu (a lady's garden)

Second course was Heitreykt folaldafille með rauðrófum og sveppaseyði
Translation: Smoked foal fillet with beetroot and a mushroom sauce
This was absolutely delicious...I loved the smoked flavour.

Third course was Reykt folalatunga með piparrótarfroðu og stökku rúgbrauði
Translation: Smoked foal tongue with horseradish and rye crisp bread

Main meal was Hægeldaðar hrossalundir og rusty vafnar folaldalundir með grænmeti og timíansósu
Translation: Slow cooked horse (meat from under the spine) and woven rosti (potato) around the foal (meat from under the spine) with vegetable and thyme sauce

Dessert was Kaplamjólkur þrenna, ís, brulleé og mousse
Translation: Mares milk trio,  Icecream, Brulleé and mousse
all superb!

In between each course we were provided entertainment Icelandic style which consisted of funny speeches with libations to the horse, silly joke songs and group singing of traditional Icelandic folk songs.  

A fun evening had by all who attended even those who could not understand a word of what was going on.  Horse is pretty much now my favourite meat.

P.S. I have decided to not continue on with Monday Ice as all my blogs from now on will be pretty much Iceland related.


  1. That all look delicious Vicki, maybe when can taste some horse when we come over.

    And very tricky with the film....I loik it!!

  2. Hey Vicki!
    Long time no speak! Gill told me your wonderful moving-to-iceland news and I have sent you through an email..hoping its your current address. Let me know anyway and I hope we can be in contact again. Flicking briefly through your blog it looks like you are loving life! XD
    Zoe xxxx