Sunday, 19 December 2010

It's all about the weather!

 This pic is for you Claire!
Well it is all about the weather here it can change so rapidly, but everyone just seems to accept it, are prepared for it, dressed for it and if plans are put awry due to the weather well you just welcome the chance to have a quiet relaxing day indoors...there is no stress.  

The day before it looked like this, though the skies were starting to look a little moody

The next day a storm blew in and it looked like this!

 The side of Sigga's house which is a bright red normally.
 Normally out this window I get to see the sunrise and sunsets which have been very pretty of late, however not this day.  Today sunrise is at 11.45 and sunset is at 14.47.  In about a week the days start to get longer and before we know it we will have around 20-22hrs daylight.


This will be my second Christmas in a row spent here in Iceland, I will be looking forward to an average of around -2c with light snow and some wind in the morning while my home town of Perth in Western Australia have the forecast of a melting 40c on Christmas day.  I have had many a hot Christmas and must admit I'm not missing that at all.  However I am missing my 3 children Eva, Dom and Jesse as this is the 2nd holiday season I have not spent with them, definitely looking forward to next year when we all come in Iceland...big celebrations then!


  1. Looking very cold Vic! Are those your creations you're wearing??

  2. looking forward too it too Mum! hot aussie Christmas just seems so boring!

  3. In love with your pictures of my favorite place on earth, xo