Friday, 10 December 2010


Just a short note, I just watched an excellent Swedish TV documentary about the WikiRebels available for viewing online...only until December 13th (just an update: the cut off date to view has now been extended to 16/Jan 2011).  I urge you to spare an hour out of your day to view this doco and if you feel so inclined you can go here to sign a petition in support of freedom of information.


  1. Watched the Wikileaks doco and found it to be very enlightening....thanks Vic

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  3. AS I posted on Facebook - what has happened to 'the truth' that is all that Wikileaks has done - let us know the truth. It was bad enough when the CIA were involved in in getting rid of Gough Whitlam, but in this day and age to be responsible for getting rid of Kevin Rudd. If everyone was honest there would not need to be people such as Julian risking his life to let us all know the truth and to be quite honest the Australian Government should be ashamed of itself.
    I will look at the documentary tomorrow. xx