Sunday, 5 December 2010

Small Joys...the best kind!

 The last snow fall a couple of weeks ago was pretty intense and it has left quite a layer of ice around.  I often take Freyja for a walk through a secret garden summer it is rolling green but at the moment it is pretty impenetrable heavily covered in ice and snow.  I really like this walk and so ventured out the other day but when we got there the path had completely disappeared under the snow.

Normally there is a path through here

 Even Freyja did not know which way to go

The path cuts into the side of this slope so it was a little hair-raising walking along here, fortunately someone had been along before me and I used their footprints to guide us through.

Small Joy #1
The view was well worth the angst of the walk

My life at the moment is full of small joys, one being the Red Cross market days, where you can fill a plastic shopping bag for only1500 Kronas, approx $13 AUD.  So Olga and I had one bag between the two of us and we stuffed it full.  I managed to get a lovely Pashmina, a vintage silk scarf, 6 brand new white cotton dinner napkins, plus a couple of skivies.  Olga snapped up a scarf, jeans, a couple of tops and quite a few baby clothes and all this for only 1500 ISK...bargain...but Ross secured the deal of the day and bought a cool leather Jacket for 1000 ISK approx $9 AUD. 

Small Joy #2
My Red Cross stash.

When we came out from the Red Cross we were greeted by these unusual cloud formations.

 Small Joy #3

Another small joy is the one where you find out how to do something that you thought was pretty unattainable....I think I can now call myself a I have added a pair of socks to my growing list of knitting achievments...I had always wondered how you turn a heel and now I know.  So next I think I will try a jumper or cardy or something similiar and see how I go with that...I am sure YouTube will get a bit of a work out.
Small Joy #4
The fab socks made from Lopi which is the very warm Icelandic wool.

Ross in the beanie looking a little like a mischievous Christmassy Yuletide lad
but always an absolute joy!

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  1. I am so proud of your socks! I have yet to learn how to knit - though I have crocheted a few scarves. All of my Lopi socks (I have about 7 pairs) are now worn with holes and I don't know how to patch them :(

    Your clouds are pretty - and I love your successful foray into the Red Cross market.